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Beverage World


Valsecchi 1926 is specialized in the distribution of high quality wines, selected by VMO team. The company works in Switzerland as importer and distributor in the traditional channel and through the new it’s wine portal, dedicated to the industry professionals. On the retail side Valsecchi Store, is the new format for our points of sale, already opened on Grancia and Chiasso together with Valsecchi Store Online.

Consultancy world


A well-established organization that stands by the wine companies side. We offer a 360° consultancy for the management of the productive activities in the wine industry: we are specialized in the sales & export management. Valsecchi Consulting is Export Manager, Marketing & Communication Consultant, Partner for the OCM management and Agronomist Advisor. A specific attention at the branding and design activities with the aim of offering a unique and coherent brand experience to our customers. All the expertise of our team with a simple and direct control.

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Looking Forward


We created VMO Group to coordinate all our activities in a coherent and well organized way. We always look forward to the future, the aim is to acquire new stores and restaurants, support new wine companies, organize memorable events and create development and growth. We are open to evaluate new business ideas, initiatives to welcome investors and stakeholders.


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