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Passion for innovation, business vision and years of experience in the food & beverage industry.

The Group

VMO Group was founded in 2020 with the purpose of gathering together in a single family all the initiatives born from the business vision of Mauro Valsecchi and Michela Merlo Oggero.

Valsecchi is a well established name within the food industry since 1926 and has acquired a deep experience of the wine world in the last ten years through its activities of export consultancy and distribution of wines in the Swiss HoReCa channel. Michela Merlo Oggero is specialized in event organization and restaurant management, she is It’s Food’s soul and Director. New areas of interests are joining the consolidated activities, as the commitment to renewable energies with the brand it’s energy.


Our Values


The constant change is in our DNA. We adapt to the market’s changes by studying and examining in depth with coherence and strategy. We feel master of our future.

Planning ability

We don’t want that an objective without a plan remains a desire. To achieve every project, we start from the objectives, defining a timeline of actions.

Business vision

The willing of growth, of testing new initiatives, is the incentive that drive us to deliver the best result, always. Bringing our ideas to life and let them become consolidate and productive realities is the highest goal of our work.


We know our industries in depth, thanks to years of experience developed on the field.

We share the know-how with our team, as well as procedures and new techniques.

Barilotti di vino

Our brands and their industries

Valsecchi Consulting is a team of professionals that stand by the wine companies side. 360° consultancy for the wine cellar management.

The HoReCa and retail channels of the high quality beverage sector in Switzerland – Valsecchi 1926

It’s Food is the brand leader in Switzerland for restaurants management and events organization.

It’s Energy is specialized in renewable energies and sustainable mobility.

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